27 04, 2017

So you found a baby bird…

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At this time of year we get regular enquiries from people who have found a baby bird or mammal. In these cases we always advise in accordance with the RSPCA guidelines: don’t touch baby animals and leave them to be. In most cases parents are nearby and waiting for you to leave. Once you take

27 04, 2017

Antibiotics resistance and your pet

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Antibiotics resistance is becoming a bigger challenge in pets much as it is in humans. Antibiotics resistance means that the bacteria causing an infection are not being affected by the antibiotics, making the antibiotics ineffective as treatment. There are however things we can do as vets and pet owners to help ensure that antibiotics remain an

18 04, 2017

New UK Animal Poison Line for Pets

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We wanted to let you know about the Animal Poison Line, a new help line which pet owners can call to establish if a trip to see the vet is necessary should your pet eat something that you think might be poisonous. The Animal Poison Line is run by the Veterinary Poison Information Service and