Changing your pet’s diet – food for thought?

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Feeding your dog or cat can be a bewildering task these days;  there are hundreds of commercially prepared diets available, endless websites telling you that one type food is best, advice from breeders and friends and of course advice from us as your veterinary clinic.

Our recommendation for a commercially prepared diet

There are hundreds of brands of dog and cat food for sale, all of which claim to offer optimum taste, nutrition, quality and in some cases value for money. Generally speaking commercial diets will be approximately nutritionally balanced, free from bacteria and parasites, and quite palatable to the majority of pets. The important variables however are the quality of ingredients and the ratio of food groups, i.e. how much protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins. minerals and additives are actually in your pet’s food.

Having carefully researched all the leading diets we recommend and stock the Purina ProPlan range. We believe this brand offers the best balanced nutrition for your pet with high quality ingredients and an emphasis on the most important food groups. There is a a range of diets to suit all types, sizes and breeds of dog and cat from kitten/puppy through to pets in their senior years.

Feeding Puppies and Kittens

Feeding puppies and kittens the correct diet is essential for growth. We therefore strongly recommend that all growing pets are fed on a commercially prepared puppy/kitten food.  It should also be noted that large breed dogs have different nutritional needs to medium or smaller breeds, and as such a specific large breed puppy food is essential to ensure optimum joint development and prevent the early onset of arthritis.

Dry food or wet food (tins, pouches etc)??

We recommend feeding mainly dry food. Wet food will generally be more aromatic and pets may have a preference for it (particularly cats), however given its soft consistency it has no mechanical cleaning action on the teeth and can lead to a more rapid progression of dental disease.

Couch potato or highly strung?

It should be noted that pets,  especially dogs, can  vary as much as people in their lifestyles, metabolic rates and genetic make up – compare a working Border Collie that spends 8 hours a day, 6 days a week running up and down hills gathering sheep, with a lap dog that lives in a flat and has two 30 minute walks a day!

The nutritional requirements of these animals are never going to be the same and as such they will require different diets and amounts. Again, the Purina ProPlan range offers options for a number of different life styles and types; there is a suitable food for every dog, including those that have sensitive digestive systems or are prone to allergies.

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