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As part of our mission to deliver the highest level of care for small animals, we have invested in some of the most advanced diagnostic imaging equipment and expertise available.

Ultrasound image


Our ultrasound machine enables us to visualise certain soft tissue problems more accurately than with X-rays, and often avoids the need for a general anaesthetic.

Electrocardiography image


We have two ECG units, one analogue (with the classical paper printout), which is best for detecting clinical abnormalities in dogs or cats with problems, whereas our digital unit is used primarily for monitoring high-risk patients during anaesthesia.

Radiography image


Our X-ray machine allows us to visualise a wide range of problems, particularly those affecting the bones, but also conditions within the abdomen and chest. We have recently upgraded our xray facilities and now have a digital machine.

This allows us to take better images more quickly (meaning shorter anaesthetic times), and also to manipulate and focus on specific areas of interest in much greater detail. We can also share these images instantly online, allowing all our vets (and specialists when needed) to view xrays and collaborate on cases very easily.

Blood analysis image

Blood Analysis

We are equipped with the most modern in-house blood testing facilities available that enable us to obtain accurate blood results in less than an hour. This gives us results straight away for acutely ill animals, and enables us to care for your pet more promptly and effectively.

We also use an external laboratory for less common blood and body tissue analyses which are collected daily by courier ensuring rapid reporting of results.