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Recently, the RSPCA brought in a very neglected, mature adult, Persian cat to the Well Animal Clinic who had been found dumped in box on Kilburn High Road.

He was in a very sorry state with an incredibly matted coat, it was so severe he was unable to pass any faeces. He also had a rotten infected mouth, loose painful teeth and could barely eat or drink. He had heavily infected ears as well which were causing him a lot of discomfort. With all the hot weather we were not surprised to find that he was also very dehydrated. On Friday night he was given fluids, pain relief and antibiotics. We named him “Matt” (as he was essentially one big one). Despite all this he was still quite affectionate, though obviously quite distressed.

The following day he was anaesthetised and we treated him. Our nursing team of Lauren and Susan clipped his coat, there was no option but to shave it all off. Then his infected ears were washed out and cleaned, and whilst this was happening our vet Christian LeVan, operated on his mouth to remove the rotten and painful teeth. We also discovered that he had a broken jaw due to the infection weakening his jaw bones, this needed a stainless steel wire placing to realign it and allow it to heal over the coming few weeks. Matt was under anaesthetic for about 3 hours. The pictures show what a severe state he was in, and just how much hair was clipped from him!

Over the coming 2-3 days Matt needed syringe feeding and ongoing pain relief as he was unable to eat. Thankfully 3 days later he seemed a lot more comfortable and started eating his food. Since then he has had a completely different personality compared to when he came in, he is talkative, lively, friendly and obviously feels a lot better! You can see him in the pictures chatting and looking much happier (though a little bald). Well done Matt for being so brave, we wish you a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see you feeling completely fit and healthy again!

Take a look at the RSPCA website if you would like to offer a cat like Matt a loving forever home. They do an amazing job but always need your help.

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