26 05, 2015

Keep antibiotics working for your pet

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Antibiotics are an important tool in treating your pet for bacterial infections. However, they are losing effectiveness at an increasing rate. Bacteria can adapt and find ways to survive the effects of an antibiotic. It is therefore important that we use antibiotics in the right way, at the right dose and time to slow down

16 04, 2015

Free webinar- Learn more about antibiotics and your pet

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Before antibiotics were discovered, people and animals died from very simple infections that are easily cured today. But there is a problem; bacteria are evolving and antibiotics are starting to become less effective. At Well Animal Clinic we recognise the dangers of this and take this issue very seriously. We make sure that we adhere to the guidelines on

30 10, 2014

Update on the new lepto dog vaccine

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You may have heard about a new Leptospirosis vaccine for dogs called ‘Lepto 4’ or similar and wonder whether your dog needs this vaccine. Leptospirosis is a serious disease that can cause a number of problems in dogs including severe liver and kidney disease.  It can be life threatening and can also cause Weil’s disease

24 10, 2014

New products and treats now available

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We're pleased to now offer additional products in our 'coachies' range; we now have coachies for cats as well as a new coachies 'lick' treats, which are perfect for training your dog and a guilt free reward at only one calorie per eight licks! We also have a new Mr Muscle cleaning range which includes

10 09, 2014

Check your gardens for mushrooms

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We have seen two cases of mushroom poisoning in the past week, the warm wet weather is perfect for mushrooms to grow. The symptoms that dogs can show vary enormously depending on type and quantity eaten, and can vary from gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain to unusual neurological signs like ataxia

22 07, 2014

Matt’s Story

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Recently, the RSPCA brought in a very neglected, mature adult, Persian cat to the Well Animal Clinic who had been found dumped in box on Kilburn High Road. He was in a very sorry state with an incredibly matted coat, it was so severe he was unable to pass any faeces. He also had a

16 05, 2014

Dogs put their Best Paws Forward

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Dogs put their Best Paws Forward for Cancer Research Sunday 8th June 2014 On Sunday 8th June this year, up to 100 dogs will take part in a sponsored 4km walk around Highgate Woods to raise money for Cancer Research UK. This event – Best Paw Forward – was a great success last year, and

28 01, 2014

A cautionary tale of a dog and his stick

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We always warn dog owners not to throw sticks for their dogs, however tempting. The story of Zak, a very lucky collie, demonstrates exactly why. After playing with sticks in the park last weekend, his owners suspected he had hurt his mouth as he did not want to eat. Zak came into the consult room

7 01, 2014

Is your pet in pain?

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One of our primary aims is controlling pain and discomfort in our patients. This is a priority for owners too, who understandably want to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of their beloved pets. Pain management – or analgesia to give the subject its medical name – is a huge area of interest in both human