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Surgical services

As part of our mission to deliver the highest level of care for small animals, we have invested in some of the most advanced surgical equipment and expertise available.

Surgical Suite

Our advanced facilities are able to cope with a wide range of surgical problems, although we have close contact with several referral centres should the need arise. We are more than adequately equipped to deal with routine surgeries, even at fairly short notice, such as neuterings.

We have access to very modern anaesthetics, and primarily use the same ones as people. This helps to ensure the safest possible anaesthetic for your pet with the best recovery time.

electrocautery image


An electrocautery or diathermy unit enables us to execute delicate procedures with the utmost precision and with minimal blood loss.

These specialist tools use high heat to both cut and stop bleeding at the same time.

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Blood Pressure Monitor

We are equipped to carry out Blood Pressure monitoring, either during an anaesthetic or for early diagnosis of disease.

Animals can get high blood pressure from various underlying diseases and we have protocols in place to ensure that we pick this up and correct it where necessary.

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In-Patient Care

Our dedicated team of nursing staff are able to care for pets needing in-patient care, such as animals recovering from complicated operations or those receiving medical therapy such as intravenous fluids.

We also have specially designed walk-in animal care units for large dogs.